GREX Founder Ned Snead

1929 - 2015

When Ned Snead founded the Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX) in 1993, he was aware that while technology was transforming a number of industries, railroads were slow to adapt. That led him to invent the DumpTrain® aggregate delivery system. It was a breakthrough in productivity, capable of delivering more than 2000 tons of ballast per hour with pinpoint accuracy – and do it all with a single operator.

Ten years later GREX introduced a new innovation called Aurora®. This 3-D track inspection system uses laser technology and state-of-the art cameras to spot track and tie flaws before they cause costly problems. GateSync® followed three years later, enabling full automation of ballast delivery.

CEO William "Wiggie" Shell

Innovations like these have positioned GREX as the rail industry's leading think tank. CEO William “Wiggie” Shell has more than 35 years of experience in the rail industry. He’s assembled a team of some of the best and brightest minds in the industry around him. Together, they continue to pursue the mission of creating real rail solutions that boost the safety and efficiency of track maintenance for their customers.

Today, GREX has grown into a thriving company of more than 140 employees serving customers across the globe. Our reputation has enabled us to partner with other industry pioneers to stay at the cutting edge and develop new technologies for our customers.