At Loram Technologies, we realize that track time translates to money. Maintenance often has to be performed in tight windows or it starts affecting your bottom line. That’s why our solutions are designed to help you get more done in less time and by using fewer resources.

Our tie set out solution is a perfect example. We start by using our Aurora® track inspection system to target damaged ties for replacement. Then we feed that data into a specialized app to determine the best way to deliver new ties for your tie gangs. The app guides an SPS® to precise locations so you can set out the right number of ties right where they’re needed using the onboard excavator. It’s a highly productive process that reduces operating costs and maximizes your track time.

We’ve designed each and every one of our solutions with the same focus on efficiency. From automated ballast delivery using BallastSaver® and GateSync® to the DumpTrain® that delivers more than 2,000 tons of aggregate per hour using only a single operator, our products begin paying for themselves the moment you start putting them to use.