At Loram Technologies, we’re taming new technology to solve some of the oldest problems in the rail industry.

Products like Aurora® and BallastSaver® use cutting-edge machine vision technology to scan track looking for failing components and missing ballast. We’ve even worked alongside the University of Florida Nuclear Engineering Department to develop a fan beam x-ray system for railroad tie inspection. Dubbed Aurora Xi™, it goes beyond scanning the surface of your track to see inside components, revealing everything from depth of cracks to hollow spaces in ties.

We’re constantly combining our products with other new technologies to provide new capabilities to customers, as well. Our new tie setout solution is a perfect example. It locates ties that need to be replaced using Aurora. That data is fed into a dedicated mobile app that then determines how best to optimize the drop off and delivery of replacement ties. The app guides our SPS® self-powered work platform right to where replacement ties should be offloaded. The single SPS operator uses a joystick in the cabin to operate an excavator to pick up and offload the specified number of ties when prompted by the app.

Our research and development team have many more products in the pipeline. Keep an eye on our Latest News page for the latest innovations from Loram Technologies.