1. How can I apply?
To apply, visit our Careers page to see our open positions. Select the position you are qualified for and complete the application.

2. Can you send me an application?
No. In order to be considered for a position with GREX you must complete an online application. All sections of the application must be completed in order to be considered for a position. We only accept applications for open positions.

3. I applied for a position for which I was qualified but I did not receive a call, why?
GREX has multiple applicants for each position that is posted and selects the most qualified applicants to contact. Unfortunately we are unable to contact every applicant regarding the status of their application.

4. Do you have to relocate for an Operating Technician position?
No. GREX Operating Technicians perform work throughout the United States so there is no need to relocate.

5. Do I have to submit more than one application for multiple openings?
No. You should complete only ONE application. To go back to your previously entered application click on the Submit an Application link and click on Already filled out an application with us? Click here to update it now. You will be able to update your application and apply for any new positions that match your qualifications.

6. If called for an in-house interview will I have to pay my expenses?
GREX will pay travel and hotel for candidates who do not live in the immediate area.