Applications and resumes are accepted through our online tool. If you cannot use or access our online application system, please contact our HR department.

  • Recruiter screens candidate’s skills and qualifications and submits the most qualified applicants to the hiring manager.
  • Candidates chosen to move forward in the interview process will be notified.
  • Recruiter will contact the chosen candidates and phone screen them to ensure they meet the basic qualifications.
  • Qualified candidates will be requested to consent to a background check. The background check consists of (criminal background check, motor vehicle check, prior employment verification, and education verification
  • Once candidate passes the background check an in-house interview is scheduled. If candidate does not pass the background check they are notified.
  • After all candidates have been interviewed an offer will be extended to the most suitable candidate and all others will be notified.
  • The chosen candidate will then have to pass a physical, drug screen and Human Performance Evaluation prior to offer being made. (HPE is for Operator positions only)

Orientation and Training

GREX provides a one week paid orientation class for Operating Technicians which covers benefits, company policies, safety training and equipment issuance. Once orientation is completed the new employee will receive his/her assignment in the field and will go through 90 days of paid on the job training.

During orientation you will need to provide your driver’s license, a voided check and another form of ID. Operating Technicians should bring birthdates and social security numbers of dependents that they intend to enroll for medical and/or dental insurance for Human Resources to have on file when the eligibility date is reached. This helps prevent any delay in the process once the Operating Technician is working in the field.