Wheel/Rail interaction problems pose one of the biggest threats to the life and performance of your rail and rolling assets. With an unparalleled product portfolio, Loram Technologies leads the way in developing friction management application systems supported by comprehensive capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, installation, remote monitoring, data analysis, consulting, servicing, maintaining and warehousing. Loram Technologies is the answer for all of your friction management needs.

Application Systems


The industry’s leading wayside top of rail friction management system. 


Increase productivity and reduce fuel and energy usage.


Predictable rolling resistance for yard control systems.


Creates a smooth interaction between the gauge face of the rail and the wheel flange to improve steering and to reduce noise.

Friction Modifiers/Grease & Lubricants

Top of Rail Friction Modifiers

Loram has the right friction modifiers to deliver impressive benefits of improved wheel/rail interaction, fuel economy and asset life for any condition.

Gauge Face Grease

Loram Technologies' EcoCurve Heavy Haul high performance grease offers industry-leading performance and is environmentally friendly.



The success of a friction management program depends on proper site selection, installation, and calibration of the wayside units.

Unit Services

Loram Technologies services can help keep your program running through our railroad specific and adaptable programs.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring systems and analytical services, railroads can receive the full financial benefits of their friction management program.


Loram Technologies' consulting services provide a customized friction management solution for any railroad need.