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Honoring the Snead Family

January 29, 2018

GREX hosted today’s event as a way to thank the Snead family for their contributions to the rail industry and the Georgetown community. GREX Business Car 400 (named the “Edwin Brazelton Snead”) was a fitting venue for this celebration, as it recently made a permanent move to its new home at GREX.

This lavish 1920s-era rail car even played a special role in U.S. history. President Truman used it for his 1948 re-election “whistle-stop tour” when he gave speeches throughout Texas and the Midwest from onboard the train. President Eisenhower and First Lady Mamie Eisenhower used it frequently for travel in lieu of flying. And many prominent Texas lawmakers, national lawmakers, business leaders and even celebrities have spent time on the GREX Business Car 400.

See photos below of the event and download the full news release at the bottom of this page.  Additionally, read about the GREX Business Car 400 in the following news publications:

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